Level 3, 5 and 7

CMI Distance Learning Options

Distance Learning is a convenient and cost effective way to work towards a CMI Management & Leadership qualification at Level 3, Level 5 or Level 7. Candidates are not required to attend workshop days or programmes, working instead with a dedicated tutor via e-mail, telephone or one-to-one sessions at our base by arrangement

Course Overview

Distance learning is a cost-effective alternative to taking a CMI qualification whilst attending one of the CMBD open or in-house courses. Working with a personal tutor, you will research the relevant underpinning knowledge required for each unit before completing the assignment. This is achieved by using the CMI ManagementDirect web-based resource. We also recommend that you purchase the optional Pathway guides for each of the units that you wish to complete direct from the CMI. These are available individually or as a pack for people completing more than one unit.

Distance learning is particularly suitable for candidates who have completed an Award Qualification (usually one unit) and who wish to ‘top up’ to a Certificate (usually a further one or two units) or a Diploma (usually a further 4 or 5 units). You will already have had experience and guidance in assignment completion and should be able to get off to a fast start.

There is also the option for Level 5 and Level 7 candidates to pursue CMI Chartered Manager recognition as part of their qualification upgrade if appropriate.

How it works:

The first step is to contact us for a chat. We can then discuss what you want to achieve and make sure that you are aware of the various qualification options available to you. You can download the syllabus for your level from the CMI or the CMBD websites, or we can easily send you the information you require to consider the unit(s) that you will need to complete.

Once we have planned your approach, the next stage is to register you with the CMI and get you started. This can be by telephone, or for people who don’t mind travelling, we offer the unique option (at no additional cost) to meet with your tutor for a couple of hours at our offices at Hexgreave Hall in North Nottinghamshire. You will be talked through what you need to do and be given guidance on how to tackle the assignment for the unit. You will then submit your work by email to your tutor for feedback and help as you work through the various tasks on the assignment.

Candidates have 12 months from the date of registration to complete Award Level and Certificate qualifications and up to 36 months to complete Diploma qualifications. This allows you to work at a pace that suits you and your tutor.

Next Course
This course is run to suit your organisation as required.

Course Tutors

All the CMBD Tutors on the Distance Learning Programmes also deliver the open course programmes for your qualification. They have an in-depth knowledge of the course content and the assignment briefs for each unit.

Upcoming Locations & Dates

Distance learning programmes can be started at any time of the year to suit you. Please refer to the table in the brochure below for the cost of the various options.

CMI Distance Learning Options

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