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Serena Humphrey

Chartered Management Accountant and Consultant


Serena works with CMBD clients to help them improve their financial control, management and performance. She also tutors the CMI level 7 Strategic finance module.


Fellow of CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants)
Approved CMI Level 7 finance trainer


Serena is a vastly experienced Chartered Management Accountant, (commercial exciting stuff, not the traditional tax and year-end work) specialising in the financial management of SMEs where finance is often the weakest link. She helps business owners make big shifts in their lives by making sure their business works for them, creating an exciting strategy for what they really want. Helping them take control of their business finances, taking much of the stress, uncertainty and pressure out of their businesses – freeing them up to get back to what they love, and building their future.

Long term success eludes too many small companies but getting the right financial strategy, mind-set, controls and finance skills makes a vast difference.

Serena helps business owners with anything financial; ranging from a financial health check, creating a financial strategy, skills training and coaching, forecasting and planning, getting control of cash flow, and creating programmes to significantly increase profitability.


The early years were spent in corporate land, working with Northern Foods Plc and qualifying at Next Plc, whilst learning the very best in financial management. Serena then left the security of her career behind to set up her first company, working with small companies and taking that excellence in financial management to the SME sector.

In 2000 Serena set up a specialist management accounting firm, taking corporate quality financial management principles to the SME market. She grew that business and sold it in 2012, when she set up her current business, working directly with companies to help them understand their finances better, delivering the ultimate finance for non-financial managers training; delivered by a genuine business finance expert, without the jargon, smoke or mirrors.

During the last 15 years Serena has worked with over 220 companies. She loves nothing more than seeing business owners taking control of their finances and their futures, and helping them to make huge and lasting improvements to their cash, profitability, value of their business and the quality of their life.