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CMBD delivers a wide variety of distance learning courses, open programmes, bespoke courses and a comprehensive range of management, personal development & business workshops. We also provide a range of fully funded and part-supported programmes from Business Lincolnshire, the Sheffield Skills Bank and the West Yorkshire Colleges consortium

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Brent is the Training Director for CMBD and tutors many of the Level 7, 5 and 3 Distance Learning candidates through their qualification journey. Use the link below to directly access Brent's diary and select the CMI Qualification Q & A Zoom session at a time to suit you.

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Fully Funded and Part-Supported Programmes

CMBD is a major provider of fully funded or part-supported business support initiatives and programmes provided via Growth Hubs in the Midlands. These include the West Yorkshire Consortium, the Sheffield Skills Hub, the Business Lincolnshire Scaleup Initiative, Manufacturing Transformation Programme and the recently announced national Peer Networks Programme sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

For details of the schemes, eligibility criteria and how to enquire, please see below

CMI Programmes & Chartered Manager

CMBD provide a wide range of programmes for 'The Management Professionals of the Future'.

The journey starts with the entry-level Team Leader Level 2 programme and provides an appropriate progression route up to the Masters Degree equivalence Level 7 Strategic Leadership and Coaching courses. All programmes are available with optional qualifications from the CMI (Chartered Management Institute). Qualification distance learning options are also available with personal tutor support.

A recent development is CMBD gaining Chartered Manager Assessment status from the CMI. Eligible candidates for what is considered to be the most prestigious accolade awarded in the managerial profession can complete a stand-alone assessment or combine the award with an appropriate Level 5 or above qualification. See the Chartered Manager page for more details.

Business Improvement Techniques

The CMBD Business Improvement programmes and courses are an ideal way to improve profitability and efficiency at all levels of a business or organisation. Using practical hands-on projects in the workplace, substantial and sustainable improvements in productivity can be achieved. Options range from a one day course, up to three to six month programmes with optional City & Guilds qualifications at Level 2 and 3 in Business Improvement Techniques (BIT's).

Business & Management

CMBD provide courses covering a range of business and management skills. The topics range from Project Management to HR and Recruitment skills.

People Skills

Managers and leaders have to deal with people! These courses equip the delegates with the skills, knowledge and understanding to get the best out of both individuals and teams.

Sales & Marketing

This section is for sales and marketing professionals wishing to maximise the opportunities in an increasingly competitive world as well as providing training for those who have to manage sales teams.

Personal Effectiveness

Good managers and leaders are in control and pro-active with regard to time management and presentation. Raise your game with powerful training designed to improve your personal effectiveness and resilience.

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