CMBD Terms and Conditions

Please see below for our terms and conditions of trade and how we do business

CMBD Terms and Conditions

1. Proposals and quotes are valid for 30 days from the date on the documents.

2. Proposals will state clearly what is included in the quote. This normally includes presenters/trainers/facilitators time, the provision of training materials and the supply of the usual equipment required (such as video cameras and projectors). Accommodation for residential events or the provision of specialist presentation equipment will be quoted for as a separate issue.

3. Upon acceptance of a proposal, delegates may be asked to complete a form giving details of experience to date and personal objectives for the course, programme or event. This is to ensure individual profiles and objectives are a good fit with the style and objectives of the training.

4. Please notify us of any special needs (including dietary) delegates may have in advance of any event.

5. For any event with the requirement for more than moderate physical activity (such as an outdoor team event), we require the delegates to fill out a medical history form. This ensures that delegates are not asked to do anything outside their capability and is a requirement for insurance cover. Information is kept in the strictest confidence and is used to match delegates to tasks.

6. Upon receipt of an accepted proposal/booking form, a VAT invoice will be issued. Payment should be made a minimum of 14 days prior to the event unless any special arrangements have been made.

7. Qualifications required in conjunction with a programme or course must be paid for in full before the candidate will be registered with the CMI.

8. In case of cancellation of training events the following charge is made. Less than 14 days, 50% of training fees. Less than 7 days, 100% of training fees. Any venue cancellation costs incurred will be passed on to the client if applicable. Notification of cancellation should be made in writing or by email.

9. We are pleased to accept substitute delegates on any event provided they have comparable experience and have sufficient time to complete any pre-workshop preparation required. There is normally no charge for this service (with the exception of additional profiles or psychometric tests that may be required).

Should any further information be required, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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