Simon Wilson

Simon Wilson

Improvement Consultant and Management Trainer


Simon works with CMBD clients to improve their business and operational performance by fusing his knowledge of problem solving tools and methodologies from the world of lean/six-sigma with his understanding of organisational behaviour and occupational psychology. It is regrettably all too common for organisations to focus on either the “hard” improvement tools or the “soft” people aspects. Simon understands how to blend the two approaches effectively to ensure sustainable success.


MSc Organisational Behaviour
British Psychological Society Levels A & B (Occupational Testing
Six-sigma Green Belt trained
CMBD Level 7 specialist tutor
CMBD Level 5 tutor


With his background in organisational behaviour/occupational psychology and his many years' experience of improvement programmes in various sectors, Simon is able to support clients across the full spectrum of activities necessary for success. Such activities might well range from structuring an improvement programme and determining priorities, through to developing the right culture and leadership team. Facilitating improvement activities and training employees in the key tools and methodologies is also a crucial part of his role. He is keen to ensure that solutions being developed and implemented are both grounded in sound research and best practice, whilst at the same time being highly pragmatic and accessible.

Simon is able to build relationships and credibility with people quickly and naturally at all levels in an organisation. Whether they are technical specialists/professionals, shop floor operators, employee representatives, executive board members or general managers, he likes to combine an engaging and humorous approach with a strong focus on achieving results.


After 10 years with the Royal Navy, Simon spent time working as a broker in the London commercial insurance and re-insurance market. He then moved to a development, consultancy and operational role with a number of major organisations, spending much of his time with Rolls-Royce.

His career has given him a vast experience of manufacturing, engineering, operations/supply chain management, public transport and financial services all over the world. Simon has accumulated 25 years of experience in contributing successfully to the process, people, leadership and organisational development agenda.