Preparation for Chartered Manager

Chartered Manager status is the hallmark of a true professional manager. It is considered to be the most prestigious accolade awarded in the managerial profession and is only awarded to those who truly demonstrate their capability and experience. Prepare for your submission and interview with this two-part workshop

Course Overview

CMI research shows that Chartered Managers deliver up to £391k of added value to their organisation and that these results are achieved across a wide variety of functions – people management, product development, commercial targets, improving operations and saving costs.

In addition, Chartered Managers are more confident, self-aware, are committed to ethical behaviour and use their Chartered status with pride as proof of their experience of leading people and managing change.

Chartered Managers have the following key qualities:

  • Qualification – Degree Level management qualification; at least 3 years management experience
  • Competence – Evidence of consistently effective performance
  • CMI Professional Code of Conduct – committing to ethical behaviour
  • Maintaining Capability – CPD plan and ongoing review inspected annually
  • Proof of Positive Impact in the Workplace

As a registered Chartered Manager Assessment Centre, CMBD provides training, guidance and assessment for candidates wishing to achieve Chartered Manager via the Qualification route.

If you have the relevant experience and an appropriate management qualification, then this two-part workshop will help you to write the assignment detailing your experience, development and contribution to your organisation and prepare you for the telephone interview with your assessor.

The two sessions are held from 4.00pm to 7.00pm at our Hexgreave Hall venue. There are two weeks between the workshops to allow you time for working on your submission. The course tutor will review your progress and give you advice and guidance if required.

What You Will Learn

After explaining the Chartered manager Award, the workshops will focus on the assessment process.

The assessment provides the opportunity to bring your claim to life; illustrate your continually effective performance; show ownership of your contribution to the organisation. This will inform the decision on whether to award Chartered Manager.

In the event of your Assessor identifying that your Submission does not meet the criteria, then feedback will be conveyed to you indicating where further work or evidence should be focused.

You will be asked to provide information that:

  • Sets the context for your submission – the sector in which you work; your organisation; your role and responsibility.
  • Describes your key achievements in the last 18 months; how they have contributed to, or influenced, organisation performance; measures or outcomes you have to illustrate your achievement/contribution.
  • Explains how you applied the skills of Leading People and Managing Change to achieve the outcome.
  • Reflects on what you have learned about your skills in these areas and with hindsight what you might have done differently.
  • Identifies what skills you intend to develop in the next 12 months; activities you plan to undertake to achieve these goals.
  • Confirms key individuals who can support and corroborate your claim.

You will complete a full written draft of the submission form and return it to the Chartered Manager team for review by an Advisor-Assessor. (Where possible within 28 days of registration)

You will have a telephone interview with your Assessor to confirm that you are meeting the Chartered Manager standards, including answering any questions they may have, or provide additional information should they require.

In session 1 we will discuss how to approach the written assessment and you will work on preparing structure and content. You will then have the opportunity to work on your submission for review in session 2 as well as to discuss and prepare for the telephone interview.

Who Should Attend

Managers preparing for assessment for the CMI Chartered Manager Award via the qualified route. This is for people who have a Degree Level management or business qualification (e.g CMI Level 5 Certificate or equivalent) and who have a minimum of 3 years of management experience. Please contact us if you would like to check the eligibility of your qualification(s).

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