Level 3

CMI in Leadership, Coaching & Mentoring (RQF)

This programme is an introduction to coaching and mentoring, comprising a series of three one-day workshops and with a choice of two work-based assignments for those delegates who choose to complete the optional CMI qualification.

Course Overview

The purpose of the programme is to introduce supervisors and first line managers the basic principles of leadership and how to use mentoring and coaching skills to get better results from their teams. At the heart of the programme is the CMI Level 3 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring (QCF), an internationally recognised qualification with 45 to 50 guided hours of learning - leading to the completion of two work-based assignments. The three workshops provide 36 guided learning hours, the remainder coming from one-on one tutorial support whilst completing the assignments. Completion of the qualification is optional and requires registration of the candidate with the awarding body.

The benefits for the individuals taking part include;

  • Understanding the role that mentoring and coaching can play in achieving objectives
  • Understanding the core principles, skills and impact of coaching and mentoring on individuals
  • Learning how to construct a suitable process for effective coaching and mentoring
  • Being able to put skills learned on the programme into practice
  • Gaining a nationally recognised qualification (optional)
  • Peer based learning and review

The benefits to the delegate organisation include;

  • A qualification focused on work-place activity and improvement
  • Managers with the skills and knowledge to deliver objectives
  • Managers with the self-awareness to lead and develop their teams
  • More motivated and enthusiastic staff
  • Managers with the knowledge required to make a real difference

What You Will Learn

Each of the three workshops is self-contained and focuses on a particular coaching and mentoring topic. This provides the underpinning knowledge required for the qualification, allowing the delegates to discuss and explore the various issues that are relevant to them. Indicative module content is outlined below for each of the three days of the programme.


Delegates will learn;

  • How to define coaching, mentoring and their purpose
  • What the role of the coach and mentor is and the skills required
  • To understand the communication skills required as a coach and mentor
  • Different methods of feedback and support that can be provided
  • To understand the need for sensitivity and confidentiality in the mentoring and coaching relationship
  • The benefits of coaching and mentoring for individuals, teams and organisations
  • The underpinning knowledge required to complete unit 3011V1 (for completing the qualification)

Delegates will learn;

  • How to identify expected outcomes of the coaching process on individual and team needs
  • How to identify the performance improvements and changes expected from the individual and team
  • To be able to describe the current knowledge, skills and behaviours of the individual
  • To be able to describe the current knowledge, skills and behaviours of the team
  • How to identify the gap between the current and expected performance of the individual and the team
  • To recognise the stages of the coaching and mentoring process to meet individual and team needs
  • The underpinning knowledge required to complete unit 3011V1 (for completing the qualification)

Delegates will learn;

  • How to select from the different methods of coaching, mentoring and training available to the coach
  • To identify coaching and mentoring opportunities in the organisational environmen
  • To understand the coaching and mentoring processes
  • The need for objective and constructive feedback in the coaching and mentoring process
  • The need for exploratory feedback in the coaching and mentoring process
  • The importance of confidentiality and ethics in the coaching and mentoring process
  • How to recognise the achievement of progress and success
  • The underpinning knowledge required to complete unit 3011V1 (for completing the qualification)

Who Should Attend

The programme is designed for supervisors, 1st Line managers and those aspiring to middle management. The qualification is flexible and allows delegates to focus on management areas relevant to their job-role. Completion of the Certificate at level 3 provides a progression route to Diploma level if required or progression to level 5 at a later date. Candidates may come from any size organisation and the programme can be run on an in-house basis are on an open course format.
Sessions are normally held two to three weeks apart but this is flexible depending on the needs of the delegates.

Course Tutors

A highly experienced and well respected business coach, consultant and trainer, John specialises in working with business leaders and their teams to help them drive significant growth and change. He is an excellent trainer and participants will be able to learn from his wealth of knowledge and practical experience.

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