Level 7

CMI Leadership, Coaching & Mentoring (RQF)

This 5 -day programme is for managers and leaders who have responsibility for developing a Coaching and Mentoring strategy. Completing the optional Level 7 CMI qualification produces a strategic implementation plan that can be used to introduce Coaching and Mentoring into your business or organisation.

Course Overview

As participants are likely to be in senior positions, attendance on the programme requires delegates to be operating at an appropriate level in their organisations and to have the experience and prior knowledge required to get the best out of the course.

The programme is delivered via a Distance Learning programme which is fully supported by a dedicated tutor.

As with all CMBD programmes, the course gives the delegates the option of completing a CMI (Chartered Management Institute) Level 7 Certificate qualification if they require. This involves the completion of two or three assignments (13 credit points required) and 45 to 50 guided learning hours. As 36 of these hours are attained by attending the course, this means a commitment from candidates wishing to complete the qualification of between 11 and 16 hours of their own personal time. For more information on what is involved with qualifications, please feel free to contact us for a more in-depth chat.

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This course is run to suit your organisation as required.

What You Will Learn

The programme is supported by our on-line resource centre for those delegates completing the qualification. This is provided in conjunction with the CMI’s Management Direct facility and is accessed with a user name and login details provided. Management Direct contains one of the largest libraries of management material available in the UK. These include executive briefing documents, access to the majority of management journals available in the UK, videos from leaders in industry and commerce and a library of thousands of e-books.

The topics covered during the course of the programme are;

  • The Strategic impact of coaching and mentoring
  • Leadership coaching and mentoring skills – Part 1
  • Leadership coaching and mentoring skills – Part 2

The programme provides the underpinning knowledge and resources to give the delegates a comprehensive understanding of the CMI Level 7 assignment assessment criteria required. To complete the Level 7 Certificate Leadership Coaching and Mentoring requires delegates to complete two or three (depending on which are chosen) assignments. We recommend the completion of two units, 7018V1 and 7020V1 as these provide the credit points required and are covered in depth on the distance learning course. Those delegates completing the optional qualification will also receive tutorial one-on-one support during and after the programme to assist them in producing their written assignments.


This topic is about evaluating individual, team and departmental development form caching and mentoring, and its impact on strategic performance objectives. Delegates will be able to:

  • Analyse changes to culture within the organisation
  • Determine how coaching and mentoring is used to manage individuals, teams and departments
  • Evaluate how coaching can share knowledge between individuals, teams and departments
  • Discuss measures to identify the impact of coaching and mentoring on strategic objectives
  • Evaluate the costs of the coaching and mentoring programme against the benefits obtained
  • Devise a method to share the evaluation of the coaching and mentoring across the organisation

This topic is about understanding how coaching and mentoring supports business objectives. Delegates will be able to:

  • Evaluate the benefits of a coaching and mentoring programme to an organisation
  • Assess how a coaching and mentoring programme supports business objectives

This day is about understanding how coaching and mentoring supports business objectives and how to plan a programme. Delegates will be able to:

  • Develop guidelines and protocols for programmes based on accepted theory and practice
  • Develop a coherent, congruent statement of ethics for coaching and mentoring programmes
  • Discuss the organisational and resource implications of coaching and mentoring
  • Explain how to overcome organisational and individual resistance to coaching and mentoring

This topic is about implementing a coaching and mentoring programme and the subsequent evaluation of the programme. Delegates will be able to:

  • Devise an implementation plan to install coaching and mentoring programmes within an organisation
  • Identify a sponsor for the project
  • Set objectives
  • Agree resource requirements, business planning as needed

This topic is about the subsequent evaluation of the programme. Delegates will be able to:

  • Create policies and procedures/framework, including ‘job’ descriptions for coaches and mentors, communication plans, launching the initiative, scheduling activity, milestones and reviews and evaluation of impact on business objectives
  • Evaluate the impact on organisational culture of an established coaching and mentoring initiative

Who Should Attend

The programme is designed for leaders and managers who have the authority and personal inspiration to translate a strategic coaching and mentoring strategy into effective operational performance. The programme requires delegates to build on their strategic management and leadership skills and to focus on the requirements of implementing the coaching and mentoring strategy. The programme is suitable for delegates from the private, public and third sectors who have sufficient knowledge and experience of leadership and management at a strategic level.

One of the features of a CMBD Ltd Level 7 programme is meeting, working with and discussing strategic level issues with like-minded people at a senior level. The course brings together a diverse range of people from differing sectors and creates the opportunity for knowledge transfer to take place between the delegates, creating peer groups that can thrive and grow well after the finish of the formal programme.

Course Tutors

John and Carroll are both highly experienced and well respected business coaches, consultants and trainers. Participants will be able to learn from their wealth of knowledge and practical experience on this highly engaging programme.

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CMI Level 7 Leadership, Coaching & Mentoring (RQF)

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