Level 5

CMI in Leadership, Coaching & Mentoring (RQF)

This is a comprehensive Level 5 leadership, coaching and mentoring programme, comprising a series of three one-day workshops and with the option of completing a CMI Coaching Practice & Theory qualification.

Course Overview

The purpose of the programme is to introduce middle and senior managers to the use of management mentoring and coaching skills to get better results from their teams. At the heart of the workshops is the CMI Level 5 syllabus and delegates can complete an optional CMI qualification if they wish.

The benefits for the individuals taking part include;

  • Understanding the role that mentoring and coaching can play in achieving objectives
  • Understanding the core principles, skills and impact of coaching and mentoring on individuals
  • Learning how to construct and manage a suitable process for effective coaching and mentoring
  • Being able to put skills learned on the programme into practice
  • Gaining a nationally recognised qualification (optional)
  • Peer based learning and review

The benefits to the delegate organisation include;

  • A qualification focused on work-place activity and improvement
  • Managers with the skills and knowledge to deliver objectives
  • Managers with the self-awareness to lead and develop their teams
  • More motivated and enthusiastic staff
  • Managers with the knowledge required to make a real difference
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DatesNov 2019
Duration 3 Days
LocationHexgreave Hall

What You Will Learn

Each of the three workshops is self-contained and focuses on a particular coaching, mentoring and leadership topic. This provides the underpinning knowledge required for the optional qualification, allowing the delegates to discuss and explore the various issues that are relevant to them. Indicative module content is outlined below for each of the three days of the programme.


Delegates will learn;

  • Leadership style and the relevance to coaching
  • About the coaching ‘cycle’ and using models such as GROW and ACHIEVE to provide structure
  • The value of the ‘coaching contract’ and how to establish this
  • How to use the techniques of reflection, self-awareness, dialogue and questioning and listening
  • The Galway outer and inner game model and how to use it in coaching
  • How to encourage the coachee to use problem solving techniques to identify options
  • Inductive Reasoning, PDCA and Root Cause Analysis as problem solving techniques
  • The difference between coaching, mentoring and other development techniques
  • How to achieve behavioural and organisational change through coaching
  • The use of coaching to achieve organisational objectives

Delegates will learn;

  • How to build a string coaching relationship and the importance of doing so early
  • What personal skills are required and that should be developed as a coach
  • How to build commitment to the relationship on both sides
  • To establish SMART objectives that can be monitored for progress
  • To establish processes and procedures to coach effectively
  • To develop guidelines and protocols for coaching interventions within the organisation
  • The use of techniques to assess the impact on organisational objectives, behaviour and culture

Delegates will learn;

  • A basic understanding of change process models (Kotter, Lewin, Stanley, Fisher, Burke-Litwin)
  • How to use the coaching process within the change process, identifying specific objectives
  • The impact of change on individuals within the organisation and coaching to engage people
  • Understanding the stakeholders and the use of analysis such as the Power and Interest Matrix
  • How to secure support for the change process
  • The importance of supporting individuals through the change process
  • To link the evaluation of the change process to the evaluation of the coaching process

Who Should Attend

The programme is designed for middle and senior managers and/or those working towards a more senior position. No previous training or experience of coaching and mentoring is required but participants will ideally have direct reports that they are responsible for appraising and developing.

Course Tutors

John and Carroll are both highly experienced and well respected business coaches, consultants and trainers. Participants will be able to learn from their wealth of knowledge and practical experience on this highly engaging programme.

Upcoming Locations & Dates

Nov 2019
CMI Management, Coaching & Mentoring (RQF)
Hexgreave Hall
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Tue 26th
Nov 2019
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