Driving Growth with Strategic Marketing

Produce a robust Strategic Marketing Strategy for your organisation or business with guidance and help from fully qualified Marketing professionals. Define your goals, research your market and produce your plan.

Course Overview

This hands-on 3-day programme is delivered over a six-week period to allow participants to work on producing their own Strategic Marketing Plan to drive business growth and take their business forward. Participants are shown and taught how to use a range of tools and techniques, not only for use during the programme, but also on an ongoing basis. Marketplaces evolve and change so a process of continual review and revision is a vital component of any plan .

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This course is run to suit your organisation as required.

What You Will Learn


During the first workshop you will explore the growth opportunities for your business, identifying the most likely areas for success. We will look at best practice in goal-setting and then apply these to your business, producing SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) objectives to be met to achieve growth.

The second part of the day will revolve around getting ready for growth. You will carry out a facilitated audit of your business in terms of its capacity to deliver increased levels of business. This will define the necessary action, time and resource plan that may be required. Homework and research may be identified for session two.


Following on from Day 2, the two most important decisions that you will need to take will be discussed and debated.


This is crucial and we will help you to decide on your target groups and identify your unique selling points.

At this stage, it is appropriate to look at the various marketing tools available to you (direct marketing, social media, online and traditional marketing, events etc.) and to apply them to your specific circumstances. As on Day 1, it may be suggested that you do some more homework or research for the final session.


Bringing it all together, Day 3 will be about embedding your new strategy and approach as a 'Philosophy' throughout your whole business. It is so important to involve everyone in the process so that it becomes 'The way we do things here'.

You will then draw up a plan that puts the decisions from the previous sessions into practice. Your bespoke growth plan will clearly identify your growth strategy and the supporting marketing actions. This will include relevant key performance indicators (KPI's), budgets and areas of responsibility.

Your bespoke growth plan will become the blue-print for your day-to-day activities to achieve your goals.

Who Should Attend

Business Leaders, Managers and Owner-Managers who are looking for ways to grow their businesses sustainably. The programme content focuses heavily on using strategic and tactical marketing activity to achieve your growth potential.

The programme is suitable for participants with or without marketing qualifications or experience.

Course Tutors

Kirsty and Karen are both highly qualified and commercially experienced tutors and run their own highly successful marketing agency business.

Upcoming Locations & Dates

This course is run for Growth Hub and University programmes as well as on an open course basis from time to time. Please contact us for the current situation.

Driving Growth with Strategic Marketing

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