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Logobrand Field Marketing are the UK’s leading provider of retail field marketing for branded goods. They also provide major their clients with sophisticated, real time statistical intelligence about the ongoing success of sales and promotions in supermarkets and retail outlets around the country.

Employees 400+
Established 23 years
Clients Multinational
Growth 38% YOY

Services provided

The Client

Originally started over 20 years ago, Logobrand has a 400 strong nationwide field team who visit outlets such as Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury and Morrisons. They give feedback on store performance and provide Point of Sale data analysis to household grocery names such as Douwe Egberts, Muller and Wrigleys.


In the middle of 2013, Logobrand Managing Director Sally Davis and her team began working with Mike Epton from CMBD. The objective was to create a business strategy and action plan to double the size of the business within 3 years and this was achieved.

Sally Davis
Sally Davis Md of Logobrand

Every area of the business was scrutinised and objectives and actions were agreed to drive sales, improve the competitive advantage and get employee commitment to the process.

As well as improving the digital solutions that Logobrand provided to their customers, a great deal of effort was put into the employees with a concerted programme of communication and training. New senior posts were created to drive sales and this also gave Sally the capacity to address other parts of the business.

"I know from personal experience that when your business is already flat out, it’s very difficult to take the time to reflect on the next stage of development and it can be even more difficult to drum up enthusiasm for the project. This is when an experienced coach can really help." Mike Epton CMBD MD and Executive Coach

Mike coached Sally for just over a year, helping to embed the plan and make changes as the business evolved. 3 years later he returned to help with the next stage of the company’s evolution.

Training and Development

"The team at Logobrand understand the value of investing in training. With underpinning knowledge in place, they are now looking at the skills and attitudes required to reach their strategic objectives. They want to achieve this by creating an environment in which their people can thrive and grow." Brent Warren CMBD’s Training Director
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Before Mike started coaching Sally in 2013, she had previously used CMBD for various training interventions and requirements. Logobrand were already well aware of the benefits that training can deliver.

As part of the training and development plan, Sally herself completed both the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 5 & 7 Leadership and Management programmes and other members of the management team completed CMI Level 3 & 5 programmes.

Customer facing staff got involved with sales skills courses, presentation skills training, project management and coaching skills and the whole Logobrand team took part in a weekend of outdoor activity at a team builder event.

Then the emphasis changed to reflect the ongoing development needs, with a focus on subjects like Value Proposition Design and Key Account Management to drive value and competitive advantage.


Growth brings problems of its own as systems and processes no longer supported increased levels of business. CMBD provided experts and specialists helping Logobrand to address issues in specific areas such as HR, recruitment, finance and process design.

Mike continues to coach Sally and CMBD provide training and support as required. The most recent intervention has been a member of the Logobrand senior management team attending the 'Unlocking Growth Potential' programme at The University of Nottingham.

What does the client think?

"Logobrand has worked with Brent, Mike and the CMBD team for over 10 years. I trust them implicitly to advise, make recommendations, then deliver all of our business training, coaching and development needs.

Over the years, Brent and Mike have taken the time and care to thoroughly understand our business and the characters within it, and to help us ensure not only that our training and development budgets are maximised, but also that the investment has a clear strategic aim feeding into our company strategy and vision.

Little of the support we have received over the years could be classed as ‘off the shelf’. Support has been tailored to our specific needs and the benefits of this personalised approach can be clearly seen in the impact on our people following interaction with the CMBD team.

"Their approach is very proactive and they offer a great deal of flexibility. Their service level would be extremely hard to come close to, let alone beat." Sally Davis MD Logobrand Field Marketing

Our relationship spans from formal CMI qualification training, to them cooking our team bacon sandwiches for breakfast on team building weekends! The support that Mike gave us during the Growth Accelerator programme was fantastic. He was fundamental not only in helping us grow by 38% YOY last year, but in ensuring that the growth was fully sustainable, giving us confidence or challenging us whenever we doubted ourselves or questioned if we were doing the right thing.

Over the years of managing a growing and challenging business, I have regularly sought advice from Brent and Mike and have always been touched by the level of support they have both given me personally. Not only are they training development providers, but a real sounding board for general business strategy and the challenges we have faced over the years."

Sally Davis, MD Logobrand Ltd

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